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Infants (6 weeks - 17 months)

Our Infants program starts at 6 weeks of age, and our little ones will transition to our Toddlers Program at 14 months or as soon as they begin to walk. Our staff will make every minute of our student’s day fun and full of learning activities. They will learn everything with narration, as our teachers will explain the color of their food, what it is, what are they doing and what they are about to do. Even Though each classroom has a daily schedule, our infant’s classroom can vary under each child’s needs. For example: Our nap time is scheduled from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm according to Child Care Licensing, teachers will try for each child to follow this routine, but napping could be more frequent for them. 

Our Infant’s room is designed to stimulate all of their senses while creating a warm, nurturing, and secure environment for your little one. Starting the day you enroll your infant into our program, we will nurture their development and take care of their daily needs the same way you do. The classroom has a curriculum for the month, including activities that will help strengthen your little one’s physical and language development as well as their sensory skills.


Toddlers (18 months - 24 months)

Our Toddlers Program provides the many opportunities which your child needs to grow and explore within their world. As your toddler begins to develop their own friendships, self-esteem and sense of wonder for the world, we provide them with a safe and nurturing environment in which they can grow at their own pace. Within our program, your toddler will discover who they are as individuals as well as their identity with a group. The teacher will follow a schedule day to day to provide the consistency this particular age group craves. This includes activities that accentuate concepts, skills and playful experiences. Once they enter this classroom, all children will learn how to follow a schedule and a routine at the same pace as the rest of the classrooms.

The toddler’s program will include more art, coloring, and bigger activities as their bodies are more capable of bigger challenges. Their minds and bodies will be introduced into more advanced language and cognitive skills, more independent activities, as well as working together and learning to share and interact with others. We understand that the toddlers stage can be difficult and a big part of their child development, this is the stage between babies/infants to older kids before starting potty training. This is the stage where they learn to walk, get a sense of balance, are more aware of their surroundings and their sense of wonder is growing. They begin to utter a few words and understand the connection of names with objects.


Twos (2 Years Old)

Most 2 year-olds are filled with energy and an innate curiosity about the world around them. They are also quickly developing their sense of independence. This stage also marks the beginning of a child’s potty training journey. Our teachers frequently ask each child if they have to go to the restroom, and guide them through the process, before you know it you have a potty-trained child. Our program follows a schedule which helps them enhance their ability to communicate verbally and expand their language skills, teach them how to share and interact with others. We focus on the process of making them well rounded individuals as they have fun.

This stage is the beginning of their “big kid” part of life, children will want to be more independent, as they begin to eat all by themselves, have more freedom of doing; Teachers will guide them into learning to make the best choices for themselves as well as following teachers guidelines.


Threes (Three Years Old)

Three-years olds are eager to explore their world, expand their new found love for language and discover their developing motors skills. Our classroom is designed to nurture your little one’s creative energy in a multi-sensory and information enriched environment. The curriculum for each month provides opportunities to develop skills, while still emphasizing the fun in learning new things, when a child reaches the age of three, they are ready to learn new skills and explore the world through hands-on activities. This is the stage that a more advanced math, language skills and social studies will be introduced to our students, before it was slowly introduced into their everyday activities, but as they enter the three years olds classroom they will be assigned timing for each center and they will begin to understand what each of them mean. New activities will be introduced each week according to the weekly theme, students never repeat the same activity, but keep learning about the same subject, this is to keep their mind always learning without losing interest in learning.


Fours (Four Years Old)

Our Four year old program will be the last stage in which most of our students will be full time students at our center. Students will begin to prepare them for Kindergarten, their learning activities will be more advanced, and more frequent writing practices. Teachers will focus on having their learning skills above level when entering Pre-Kindergarten, knowing how to write their name, counting, and having an understanding of math and science. Our classroom is designed in a way that each center stands out for our students as they transition throughout the day goes by smoothly.

Our teachers are especially attuned to the emotional quality of classroom interactions and help children identify emotions (their own and others’) and learn problem-solving strategies.  For example, in the dramatic play area, a supermarket gives children chances to count money, sort and classify objects (math); make signs to label shelves or advertise special sales (language); and experience foods from other cultures (social studies). Most importantly, learning centers offer opportunities for intellectual and social development, which is the key to a successful transition to  Pre-Kindergarten.Most importantly, learning centers offer opportunities for intellectual and social development, which is the key to a successful transition to  Pre-Kindergarten.


Pre-K & Kindergarten

Our Pre-K & Kindergarten program focuses on those children that are currently in those two grades. From those who go full time to Pre-K/Kindergarten to those 5 year olds that did not qualify for Pre-K this classroom is designed to enhance all educational skills. While some students are in school, our “Full Time” students have their learning time in the morning; preparing them for the next school year in which they will begin Kindergarten. Our Curriculum is at a level of regular school Pre-K, if your child did not qualify for Pre-K don’t worry! Our teachers will have them learning at the same pace, and get them ready for Kindergarten. For those students attending our center part time, they will return to our center to continue their learning day with fun activities and centers.


Schoolers (1st Grade - 7th Grade)

Our after school teachers provide fun activities to keep your child moving and learning until the time they can go home. Your child will start his or her after-school adventure with a healthy snack to fuel their fun. Then, they will follow the schedule that allows the students to do homework after snack; and the teacher is available to assist.  Thereafter, the students will be able to play games and have fun while in care. During any holiday or vacation time, we will provide time for students to stay abreast on their education, by supplying age-appropriate practice activities. Lastly, the students will embark upon a great time during Spring Break and the Summer by attending awesome field trips.

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